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30 Apr

Dawn Gorman and Rosie Jackson

7:30 pm

Dawn Gorman is poetry editor of Caduceus magazine, presents West Wilts Radio’s The Poetry Place, and works with poetry as a mentor, workshop leader and in therapeutic contexts.
Dawn is widely published in journals and anthologies, including the prize-winning Aloneness is a Many-Headed Bird (2020), a ‘conversation in poetry’ with Rosie Jackson and the recent Poems in the Key of Hope, a ‘deconstructed’ anthology featuring poems printed on postcards, illustrated by Japanese artist Numata Kashu (Hedgehog, 2024). www.dawngorman.co.uk

Rosie Jackson is a poet and creative writing tutor living in Teignmouth, Devon.
Her latest collection is Love Leans over the Table (Two Rivers Press, 2023).
Widely published, Rosie has won many awards, including Commended in the National Poetry Competition 2023 (out of 17,800 entries.   Other works include  Aloneness is a Many-headed Bird (with Dawn Gorman, 2020)Two Girls and a Beehive: Poems about Stanley Spencer and Hilda Carline (with Graham Burchell, 2020).

In The Village Cafe 7.30pm

26 Mar

Charles Causley Evening

7:30 pm

Chris Salberg will take us on a poetic journey through the work of this West Country poet.

His poetry reflects his character and life as a schoolmaster in Launceston in Cornwall.


At the Village Café,   7.30pm

27 Feb

Open Meeting - plus discussion poem

7:30 pm

Bring some poems to read on any subject, either your own or by other poets   Poems might be well known, humorous, topical or whatever you feel will interest the group.

For a change, there will also be a poem to ‘discuss’ and look into in a bit more depth.

These evenings are always interesting and often produce poetic surprises.


At the Village Café,   7.30pm

30 Jan

Paul Simon - 'A poet and a one man band'

7:30 pm

“A Poet and a one man Band”  is how Paul Simon describes himself.

Heather Murphy with June, Joyce and Jill are presenting an evening of this prolific poet and song writer’s work.

At the Village Café,   7.30pm

19 Dec

Christmas Meeting

7:30 pm

Will there be both mince pies and poetic mince pies? Even accordion music?

The Christmas meeting is always a more informal meeting where anything may happen.

Come and relax and enjoy the evening and read a Christmas poem if you wish……


At the Village Café,   7.30pm

28 Nov

Porches and Poems

7:30 pm

An Audio-visual presentation by Gini Astley.

During lockdown Gini and her twin sister Alison, a conservation architect, visited many local churches and although not able to enter, found inspiration in their porches.   Gini’s poems and Alison’s drawings have been put together to make a unique record of these visits.


At the Village Café,   7.30pm

31 Oct

The Uncompetition

7:30 pm

Our own Competition this year is the Uncompetition in October.

No prize, except the expert critique from other entrants which is, of course, priceless.

Anyone who enters will be   a winner on this evening.

The subject is Flags – any style length or interpretation.

The deadline for entries is 1st October.


At the Village Café, 7.30pm.

29 Aug

Places and Poems with Annie Fisher

7:30 pm

Our visual presentation at the May meeting was very well received.

Once again our screen and projector will be illuminating the poetry, letting us travel to far flung places for the evening.

We are delighted to welcome back Poet Annie Fisher who will be giving an audio/visual presentation on the same theme in the second half of the evening.

Not to be missed!

25 Jul

Open Meeting - Lockdown & Breakout

7:30 pm

The Roman writer Pliny the Younger wrote an eye-witness account of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79AD and it is possibly the most well known and certainly the most important account of that time as he was there and recorded the events as seen from the other side of the Bay of Naples.

I am sure most of us would wish to forget the lockdowns of 2020.   However, any poems written at the time are now a valuable historic record of a unique event.

In March 2020 I suggested in a newsletter that we should record in poetry the unprecedented events we were witnessing during the Covid lockdowns and the first half of the meeting will be a chance to now read any poem written at that time or listen to poems written by others.

In the second half of the meeting read any poem that celebrates freedom and good cheer!

07 Jul

The Langport Moot

11:00 am - 3:00 pm

This is a daytime meeting of local poetry groups.   The aim is to encourage poetry writing on the day and will be a relaxed and largely informal event.

The meeting will be held in Langport, Somerset.   For more information please contact via our email    www.eastcokerpoetry.org.uk   or the contact page on this site

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