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26 Aug

August Open Meeting

7:30 pm

This open meeting will be a ‘themed’ meeting  – poems connected with ‘The Sea’ if possible but poems on any subject can be read if you have nothing inspiring on our ‘theme’ !      £2.00 entrance

29 Jul

July Open Meeting

7:30 pm

This Summer, our meetings will be open meetings – bring some poetry – read some poetry – listen to some poetry.  Always popular.  £2 entrance

24 Jun

June Open Meeting

7:30 pm

Come and read some poems or just come and listen.  Always popular.  £2 entrance.

27 May

!0 years of the East Coker Poetry Group - a Poetry Party

7:30 pm

The East Coker Poetry Group was 10 years old in May.  What better way to celebrate than have a poetry party.

We had food, wine, a competition and ….poetry of course.  Poet Catherine Simmonds started the poetry readings and this was followed by readings from several local poetry groups.   A good time was had by all….

29 Apr

A Poem and a Picture

7:30 pm

This meeting was a mix of poems and images.  The range and variety of poems/images made for a fascinating evening.

25 Mar

Lyrical Dining

7:30 pm

“Lyrics in Popular Songs”  –  to accompany a meal.

This was a topic we covered a few years ago and it was felt that there is still a huge wealth of material to be used including anything from Cole Porter to The Beatles. 

Heather and Julie did well keeping the evening together despite difficulties with the delay in serving the meal.

However it was a light-hearted and rather different meeting and it cheered a Winters evening. 


25 Feb

February Open Evening

7:30 pm

As usual, a very varied selection of poems made this a very good meeting – as these open meetings always are!

21 Jan

Coker Poetry - The West Coker Poets' view of Coker and beyond

7:30 pm

The West Coker Poets crossed the border to East Coker to put their slant on local Poetry.  A lively and varied programme of poetry and music.

26 Nov

Magic and Malevolence

7:30 pm

This time of year is associated by many with imaginary and mythical beings.  Gaie Vickers and Anne Bingley lead this evening.  Readers included Trevor Peacock and Tilly Tremayne. 

29 Oct

Poetry Competition 2013 - The exhibition

7:30 pm

This year the competition was different.  The subject was :-


A poem on an object


Part, or all of the poem must be written in some way on the object itself.

The ‘object’ can be anything you wish, provided it can be brought to the exhibition of entries at our meeting on Tuesday 29th October at the Helyar Arms, East Coker.

The poem can be of any length or style but should be related to the object in some way and must be written by the entrant.

We do need the poems (but not the objects) by 1st October so that the judge has chance to read the poems free from the distractions of the exhibition evening.  However the judge’s decision will be made at this exhibition, when the judge has seen how the poem and object relate. 

There is no charge for entry to this competition but we will accept only one entry per person.

The prize will (as usual) be something apt and fitting for the subject.


Poems can be emailed to info at eastcokerpoetry.org.uk

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