Open Meeting – Lockdown & Breakout


7:30 pm

The Roman writer Pliny the Younger wrote an eye-witness account of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79AD and it is possibly the most well known and certainly the most important account of that time as he was there and recorded the events as seen from the other side of the Bay of Naples.

I am sure most of us would wish to forget the lockdowns of 2020.   However, any poems written at the time are now a valuable historic record of a unique event.

In March 2020 I suggested in a newsletter that we should record in poetry the unprecedented events we were witnessing during the Covid lockdowns and the first half of the meeting will be a chance to now read any poem written at that time or listen to poems written by others.

In the second half of the meeting read any poem that celebrates freedom and good cheer!

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