Zoom Poetry Reading by Roger Iredale

Tue, 25/05/2021 - 7:30pm

Roger Iredale’s Collection ‘A Sudden Mirror’ was published last year by Peterhouse Press. Roger writes:-

“Much of my poetry has a political overtone, but most of it focusses on people, places and stories, many based on myths and legends. I write poetry for reading aloud, if only in the mind. Each poem has a dominant rhythm and I choose my words to build a sense of movement. Often, reading a broadcast poem, I find myself tapping my foot rhythmically to the beat of the lines. This is why I enjoy broadcasting: it brings me back to the carefully shaped resonances of the lines, the half rhymes, the deeper rhythms that are often less obvious from a silent reading of the text”.

Full details of this meeting appear in our May Newsletter.   If you do not receive the newsletter but would like to join this Zoom meeting please contact the group via the contact form on this website.