Zoom Poetry Reading by Elaine Beckett, Gill Barr and Simon Middleton

Tue, 30/03/2021 - 7:30pm

East Coker Zoom Poetry Reading

Poets  Elaine Beckett, Gill Barr and Simon Middleton

Tuesday 30th March 2021   7.30pm

Elaine Beckett has won several awards for her poetry including the Faber New Poets award and the Bridport International Poetry Prize (Dorset Award).

Her debut collection 'Sea Creature Regrows Entire Body' is published on 15th April by Verve Poetry Press.  Here is a link to the Verve Poetry Press page :-


Gill Barr has recently had poems published in The New European and the Oxford based mindfulness magazine, Marmalade and Kindness and in The Honest Ulsterman.

Simon Middleton was shortlisted for the 2020 Winchester Poetry Prize. He has also won the Bridport International Poetry Prize (Dorset Award)

Elaine writes :-

“Gill and Simon will be reading their own poems, and I'll be reading poems from 'Sea Creature Regrows Entire Body'.  The poems we'll be reading relate in different ways to the theme I've chosen - The Road to Freedom.

We three all meet regularly in a poetry writing peer group, so we know each other's work well and Gill and I have done two previous readings together, one with Annie Freud for the Bridport Literary Festival (2018) and one with Greta Stoddart for Exeter Literary Festival (2019).  Gill and Simon both teach English; Gill at The Sir John Colfox Academy in Bridport, Simon at The Woodroffe School Lyme Regis.”


The meeting Zoom information is given in the March issue of the East Coker Poetry mini-newsletter.  However if you do not receive the newsletters and wish to attend, please contact the group via the contact form on this website.