Hourglass - Readings from the Coasts of Britain by Edward Hawkinge

Tue, 28/11/2017 - 7:30pm

Hourglass is a poetry reading, to entertain, to stimulate, to give witness and testimony to the hard lives of sailors in war and peace.
A speaking of sea verse, written by Edward Hawkinge

“In the glass, and on the bays,
It’s bare feet, for tales told,
on the wind”

The poems, like the sea, will take you through many moods and many climes; from Cromer Pier to Jutland; from Hispaniola, to Dunkirk.

Edward Hawkinge was born in Folkestone and educated at the University of Essex. His inspiration is the shingle and the sky of the East Coast, together with the experiences of his family down the generations; in the Southern Oceans; the North Atlantic and the Channel Trade.

Edward believes poetry is for everyone. “Hourglass” is as entertaining as a shanty or a horn pipe, but also, bears witness to, and commemorates, the lives of ordinary sailors, in peace and war.

“Hourglass” is not to be missed.